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A brand’s reputation is its greatest asset. During major announcements or in the midst of a crisis, a company’s future success rests on its reputation. Organisations – companies, institutions and brands – are today faced with a new information paradigm that has profoundly changed the way in which opinions are formed. At the same time, the environment in which organisations operate has become more unpredictable. The election of Trump, Brexit, digital transformation, the collapse in oil prices, and the slowdown of the Chinese economy mark the start of an era in which societies experience radical changes in direction. These changes affect our economies. To cope with them, organisations need to become more agile, while resting on solid foundations in which they have complete confidence.

As a consequence, although reputation has become a weak spot for organisations, it can still provide a solid foundation in this uncertain environment. Since it has become more difficult to protect, it is all the more crucial to develop and strengthen it, and to turn it into a key success factor in a constantly changing environment.

To develop and protect your reputation you need to understand opinion and the ways in which it is formed:

  • DETECT – Where does information come from? Where and how it is circulated?
  • IDENTIFY – Who influences who and how do these influencers interact?
  • DECIPHER – In which economic, cultural or political environments do these audiences operate?
  • ENGAGE – Which arguments make the difference and to whom?

Today, the growth of social media provides access to information once hidden from view. This makes it possible to detect the early signs of a new and potentially damaging problem or a potentially advantageous trend. This can provide the competitive advantage needed to head off possible attacks or, at the other end of the scale, to seize a new opportunity.

Organisations with an early understanding of how opinions are formed retain control over the media agenda rather than being at its mercy. They can then act to take it in a direction more favourable to them. This action requires organisations to develop a relationship of trust with those able to influence opinion by sustaining a dialogue with them over the long term.

Omnicom PR Group Paris is a communications agency specialised in developing the reputation of organisations, from companies and institutions to brands. We operate across a complete range of fields, combining technical and sector expertise for each of our clients.

We have an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing our clients and the environments in which they operate, including their relationships with the media, policy-makers, opinion leaders, the general public and institutions. We help our clients understand how opinions are formed. Based on a cross-analysis of social media conversations, business intelligence specific to each field of activity and a detailed knowledge of stakeholder expectations, we identity how to modify perceptions or behaviours.

Building on this analysis, the agency’s consultants develop communication strategies and identify levers to transform opinion to the advantage of our clients.

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