Chronic Migraine Campaign

Extend the knowledge of chronic migraine amongst general population and encourage people to get a proper diagnosis and treatment of this disease. The strict Spanish regulation for pharma companies’ communication made difficult to spread this message to general population.

OPRG Madrid developed a 360º campaign together with a transmedia storytelling strategy focused not only on migraine patients but also on their social circle in order to seek the empathy with the chronic migraine sufferer.

  • Inform the media about migraine problems
  • Create a safe environment where patients could seek information and discuss the condition: a specific website, social media and an accurate media investment plan were our main allies

Earned media: 98 impacts, including 4 national TVs and radios
Paid media: 1,531,592 total reach on line and 1,422,558 reach of line
Owned & shared  media

  • Website: 58,000 unique users
  • Event: 400 people attended
  • Facebook: 1,900 fans and 2,400 shared info